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Cheryl Jacques has so much integrity and character when she works with clients. To get the essence of her spirit, read her book about the Magnolia Tree. She finishes what she starts. As for any of her crew who have been fired from her job sites, you cannot trust disgruntled employees being fired for gross negligence, or simply not showing up for their jobs. I am a long time business owner myself, and honesty, integrity and character are hard to come by. You can trust this lady with your vision of your landscape. She will execute it beautifully!

Jeannine Mecca – January 2016

I can’t say enough good things about Cheryl and Brower/Jacques Design. She is incredibly creative and dedicated to quality. Every time we have worked with her, she has a great positive energy and contagious enthusiasm about what she does. Her projects and ideas are diverse and always focus on function integrated with the beauty of Nature.
We look forward to seeing the Brower/Jacques installation at the Flower & Patio Show every year! It’s always unique and extraordinary.

David Orr – January 2016

Cheryl Jacques is an amazing design and landscaping artist. Her company Brower/Jacques Design has created so many beautiful landscaping designs. She, along with her team mate Scott Stackhouse, are skilled, dedicated to their work and believes in making the customer happy. I recommend this company

Gayle Stackhouse – January 2016


I have not regretted the landscaping expenditure one single second. The gardens give me indescribable contentment, peace and joy every day. There’s been something beautiful happening since the end of April, when the viburnum’s sweetness heralded the start of a new season. A well-planned perennial garden is, indeed, a thing of beauty. I’ve added probably another 100 perennials and underplanted (some might say overplanted) with annuals this year, and the gardens are ablaze.
I never, EVER could have done this; not in a million years. You’ve enhanced my world beyond measure, and I just wanted to tell you so.

Deb Potts

To All,

Thank you for your time and talents to transform my home into a delightful and satisfying work of art. I’ve received many compliments already from passersby.

Yours Truly,

Jim Rang


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